06 April 2011

Mastery Quest Manifesto (work in progress)

I'm working on creating a manifesto* for this grand vision.  Sometimes it's just too big for my head.  I'm inviting others to join me in creating this thing, because it's too big for one person, and it will take years to mature.

Here's the manifesto as it stands as of this writing:

There is much to be learned from games, and particularly MMORPGs**. These types of games incorporate some key concepts and technologies, which we believe to be of value:
  • Micro-achievements
  • Measurable progress
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Social media supporting
    • Collaboration
    • Learning
    • Teaching
  • Working at your own pace
  • Self-direction
  • Self-organization
While these things are not unique to MMORPGs, they are certainly key aspects of them.

We believe that it is possible - and desirable - to incorporate these things into an approach to approaching and achieving mastery in a variety of endeavors.

That approach should enable individuals to:
  • Participate in communities focusing on the same endeavor
  • Participate in communities of individuals who are at the same level of accomplishment/mastery
  • Seek out individuals who are at "higher" levels of mastery for mentoring
  • Record specific achievements
  • Have fun while reaching higher levels of achievement/accomplishment
  • Achieve growth within their realm of endeavor in ways that are recognized, accepted, and acknowledged by their peers and their larger professional/employment community
Further, that approach should enable the community to:
  • Create challenges (quests, achievements)
  • Mutually "certify" each other's achievements
  • Create a recognized and accepted "brand" in the employment and commercial marketplaces

* Manifesto: manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds. Manifestos may also be life stance-related. (from Wikipedia)
** MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That's an online game in which thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of players are in the game, interact with each other, and play through avatars in various roles.

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